Timothy Man-kong WONG (Hong Kong Baptist University), Printing, Evangelism, and Sinology: A Historical Appraisal of the Sinological Publications by Protestant Missionaries in South China , English/28pages, May 2005.


This paper argues that missionaries' involvement in the production and dissemination of sinological knowledge is a significant topic for further academic exploration. It showed the dynamics of missionary sinology in the context of South China. It thus bears significance for East-West studies. This paper is divided into three sections. The first section will give a general survey of the printing work in South China, of which the role of missionaries seized the core of stage. The second section will illuminate the different patterns of life-cycles of sinology books. It sheds lights on the dynamics within and without the region. The third section is to give a case study of an important, yet overlooked, scholarly publication in the field of sinology íV China Review. Special attention is paid to the roles that missionaries played as the editors and contributors of China Review.