LEUNG Hon Chu (Hong Kong Baptist University), Globalization, Modernity, and Careers at Work: Life Politics of Woman Workers in Hongkong-Shenzhen, English/14pages, August 2005.


Conventional views on women workers employed in world market factories do not take into full account their agency. Nor do they pay enough attention to the historical intricacies and local nuances of the global diffusion of manufacturing in the low-income world. This paper examines the life histories of women workers in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Metropolitan Area in relation to their careers at work and their life politics - their decisions over work and family careers for more fulfilling lives. It shows how world market-oriented manufacturing has brought to women workers opportunities as well as risks and how, through struggles over the prospects of their lives, these workers have participated in the transformation of social institutions in Hong Kong and the bordering South China region.