Steve GUO (Hong Kong Baptist University), HUANG Yu, (Hong Kong Baptist University), TO Yiu Ming (Hong Kong Baptist University) & Fanny CHAN (Hong Kong Baptist University), Credibility, News Sources and Relationship: The Case of Hong Kong Audience, English/21 Pages, January 2010

This study examines the relationship among three sets of variables: credibility, news sources
and readership. A large-scale content analysis of fourteen local daily newspapers and a
survey of 2,025 Hong Kong residents were conducted to test four hypotheses. Findings show
that Apple Daily, Oriental Daily and Ming Pao are the three most popular newspapers in the
pool. They were also regarded as the three most credible newspapers in Hong Kong, though
the order is different. Newspapers cited the most opinions from a diversified news sources
were regarded as more credible while newspapers quoting more unnamed sources were not
necessarily perceived to be less credible. Interestingly, the results indicate that not all
audience will choose the newspaper they believe to be the most credible to read, which
somehow suggest that newspaper credibility is delinked from readership.
Key words: credibility, Hong Kong newspapers, news sources, readership