TSOI Ah Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University),The Vision of Hong Xiuquan, English/ pages, June 2010.

In this paper, we will study the visions of Hong Xiuquan (洪秀全), the founder of Taiping Tian Guo (太平天國), or Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, as contained in two extant records: a record of an oral description by a relative and close associate of Hong, Hong Ran-kang (洪仁砰) as contained in Hamberg's book published in 1854 [4], and Taiping Tian Ri (太平天日) a publication of the Taiping Tian Guo, in 1861 [16]. These visions occurred in 1843, during a prolonged period of illness of Hong. By comparing these two extant versions of Hong's visions, we wish to reconstruct what probably were contained in these visions. In this paper, we wish to examine what Hong saw in these visions, why he was puzzled by them and not able to interpret them. This leads naturally to an investigation of the ways in which he found these visions being explained when he read the pamphlets written by Liang Fat (梁發), the first indigenous protestant Chinese Christian preacher, called Quanshi liangyan (勸世良言) [8] and when he read the Bible in a catechism class for baptism conducted by an American missionary, I. J. Roberts in 1847.