ZHANG Xiaoyin (Xiamen University), Integration of Science and Coastal Management: A Case Study of Hong Kong, English/17 pages, July 2010.

Coastal management practices, regulatory decision-making, and land use planning activities along coastal areas have historically been made with insufficient scientific information concerning the dynamic environment. The idea of integration of science and coastal management has risen rapidly in both environmental science and public environmental policy since the mid-1990s, and encouraged innovative relationships between scientists and practitioners in a range of contexts.

In this paper, based on materials analysis, we explore the existing practices, evaluating past successes and failures in the management of coastal areas in Hong Kong. Though this case study we examine the challenges Hong Kong faces presently, illustrate the strong need for integrating science and coastal management. This is also the first step towards building a comprehensive indicator system of measuring how integration can contribute to better coastal management.

Keywords: Integration, Coastal management, Science, Hong Kong