Huimin DU (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Si-ming LI (Hong Kong Baptist University), Is It Really Just a Rational Choice? The Contribution of Emotional Attachment to Temporary Migrants' Intention to Stay in the Host City in Guangzhou, English/16 Pages, July 2011.


Migrants' settlements have been and will continue to be the most important issue in China’s urbanization the next decades. Despite the voluminous literature on the topic, few studies have examined the affective influence underlying the migration incidence. Theoretically, we question the tradition that the concept of rationality is an adequate tool for psychological explanation, despite its widely acknowledged importance. Empirically, we utilize data from a survey of villages-in-the-city in Guangzhou and model mobility propensity by incorporating both cognitive and affective evaluations. The ordinal regression results demonstrate that migrants' attachment to the local community and the host city is strikingly significant to the intention to stay.