Allison Hui, Shanshan Lan, and Adrian J Bailey (David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University), Transbordering and Diverse Hong Kong Mobilities, English/24 Pages, July 2013.


Our paper develops the concept of transbordering to better understand the complex relationship between migration and sociocultural change. Noting recent calls to re-theorize the diversity of migration, and mindful of the critique that methodological nationalism obliges consideration of sociocultural processes both across territories and through networks, we develop a practice theory reading of transbordering. We intervene in debates about the spatiality and contingency of sociocultural change by inflecting discussions of borders with an epistemology that attends to integration and assembly as well as fragmentation and difference. Integration is not understood here to eliminate difference- it is not the dissolving of borders into frictionless flows- but neither does it essentialize dichotomies. We illustrate our transbordering approach through a critical reading of scholarship on Hong Kong migration and a discussion of the diversities and intersections among the racialization experiences of various immigrant and minority groups in Hong Kong.