Bradley R. BARNES (The University of Leeds), and Qionglei YU, Zhejiang University of Technology and Business, Investigating the Impact of International Cosmetic Advertising in China , English/11 Pages, May 2004.


Over the past twenty-five years, advertising in China has experienced substantial and sustained growth. Studies found that Chinese consumers were very positive and optimistic about advertising's economic and social consequences (Pollay et al., 1990). Due to the huge potential of the Chinese market, international companies may need to investigate how to do marketing within a Chinese cultural context when designing advertisements in order to appeal to Chinese consumers. Research, however, on the subject of Chinese women's perceptions of international advertising from a Chinese cultural context is scant. Nowadays, Chinese women have a mixed feature of traditional culture yet also have modern world tendencies. This paper reports on a research investigation that was initiated to shed some light on cosmetic advertising from the perspective of Chinese female consumers. Consequently, the preliminary findings are believed to provide some potentially useful insights when contemplating the planning of cosmetic advertisements for the Chinese market. These include results, such as, a willingness among the respondents to accept standardised cosmetic brand names, the discovery that television represents the most influential media channels, the value attached to expert opinion for endorsing cosmetic goods in ads, and so on. It is envisaged that the research findings should help international companies optimise their advertising spend in order to efficiently and effectively appeal to female consumers of cosmetic goods in China.