Koon-kwai WONG (Hong Kong Baptist University), The Greening of the Chinese Mind: Environmental Awareness and China's Environmental Movement , English/21 Pages, February 2005.


Because of its enormous population, spectacular economic growth, and severe environmental degradation, assessing China's environmental impact on the country and the world is an intricate task. Knowledge of the environmental awareness and the growth of environmental movement in China are critical to the understanding of the country's environmental future. Firstly, the paper examines the environmental awareness of Chinese people, based on two major surveys conducted in 1998. The findings contributed to our understanding of people's environmental awareness in the following aspects: environmental literacy, prioritization of environmental problems, environmental governance, environmental ethics, and participation in environmental protection campaigns. Secondly, the paper scrutinizes the emergence of green NGOs in China in the 1990s. Chinese green NGOs possess particular ¡§Chinese characteristics¡¨ which distinguish them from the West. To date, the Chinese government is willing to allow more political space for citizen participation in environmental protection. Increasingly, green NGOs have gradually gained support not only from international communities but also from Chinese citizens who value a clean environment. Finally, the paper argues that the emergence of green NGOs offers a breakthrough in the conventional ¡§government-reliance¡¨ attitude towards environmental protection. If these eco-activists can target non-sensitive issues, they may make profound contributions in enhancing environmental policy implementation.