Pablo Sze-pang TSOI (The University of Hong Kong), Joyce and China: A Mode of Intertextuality - The Legitimacy of Reading and Translating Joyce, English/24 pages, March 2007.


Drawing upon the history of the reception of James Joyce in China, this essay addresses a number of critical issues with which Joyce¡¦s readers ¡V Chinese or international ¡V are confronted. These issues include, most notably, the problems of the liberal humanist approach to reading Joyce ¡V and to studying literature as a whole, the varied conceptions of translation in relation to the Chinese translations of Joyce¡¦s Ulysses, and the meaning of a literary text characterised by the notion of intertextuality ¡V and hence the particular modes of intertextuality that Joyce¡¦s work presents. While acknowledging the importance of translating Joyce, this essay undertakes a task to question the presupposed legitimacy which endorses the ¡¥accurate¡¦ reading and/or translation of Joyce.