The LEWI International Conference June 6-7, 2013

7 June 2013 (Friday)

08:15 Registration opens
08:30 PANEL 5
Mr. Benedict Keith Ip, University of Macau
A Chinese Christian: The Transformation of 20th Century Catholic Church in John C. Wu’s Perspective
Dr. Vincent Ho, University of Macau
(An Investigation into the Development of the Catholic Church through the Study of Publications in Society during the Nationalist Rule)
Dr. Pingping Zhou, Associate Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai
<英斂之的教育思想和實踐 — 以北京輔仁大學為中心的個案研究>
(Ying Lianzhi’s Theory of Education and Practice — The Case of Furen University in Beijing)
10:15 Tea Break
10:30 PANEL 6
Dr. Daniel K.T. Choi, Lutheran Theological Seminary & Dr. George K.W. Mak, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies
An Overview of Mandarin Catholic Bible Translation in 20th Century China
Mr. Thomas Ng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
<正信與正行—二十世紀初中國天主教禮儀>(Confirmation of Faith and Behavior: Rituals of the Chinese Catholic Church in the Early 20th Century)
11:45 Tea break
12:00 PANEL 7
Prof. Beatrice Leung, Wenzao Ursuline College & Prof. Kuo Wen-Ban, National Taipei University
The Vatican-China-Taiwan Relations and Taiwan’s Bridging Endeavour
Prof. Cindy Yik-yi Chu, Associate Director, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
China and the Vatican, 1979 to the Present
13:15 Lunch
14:30 PANEL 8
Rev. Sergio Ticozzi, Holy Spirit Centre, Hong Kong
The Abolition of the Civil Patronage upon Catholic Missions in China (1926)
Prof. Paul P. Mariani, S.J., Santa Clara University
The 1926 Consecration of the First Six Chinese Bishops of Modern Times: A Study in Church Indigenization and Sino-Vatican Relations
Mr. Michael C. S. Chang, Ching Yun University, Taiwan
<梵諦岡第二次大公會議 (1962-65) 期間,群聚羅馬的中國流亡主教相關集會及活動研究> (China’s Exiled Bishops and Their Meeting During the Era of Vatican II in the 1960s)
16:15 Tea Break
16:30 PANEL 9
Ms. Ying Hao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Real or Misperceived Opposites?: The Catholic Church and the Chinese Communist Party’s Religious Control
Rev. Ambrose Ih-Ren Mong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Changing Hue of Red China
Ms. Bibiana Yee-Ying Wong, Union of Catholic Asia News, Hong Kong
<從上海「七七事件」看金魯賢主教對中國教會的影響> (A Study of the Contribution of Bishop Jin Luxian to the Chinese Catholic Church through the “July 7 Incident” in Shanghai)
Dr. Wang Meixi, The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
<論中梵關係的症結與出路> (On the Crux and Solution of the China-Holy See Relations)
18:30 Closing Keynote
19:30 Conference Banquet