Research Focus

Scholar-in-Residence Programme

The Scholar-in-Residence Programme was initiated in 1995 to enhance cooperation among scholars with research interest in East-West studies and is not restricted to LEWI members.  

Length of Residence

The length of residence varies according to the research plans of the scholars concerned. Scholars-in-residence normally work with faculty members of Hong Kong Baptist University and/or scholars at other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. As such, they are expected to participate in the activities of the academic community in Hong Kong in general and those of the University in particular.  

Provision of Office & Facilities

Depending on availability, visiting scholars will be given the use of either a standard one-person office or desk space in a research office. Subject to availability, shared use of PCs, access to the library and the Internet, and reception service may be offered.  

Application Procedure

Overseas scholars wishing to pursue research projects in East-West studies in Hong Kong are welcome to apply. Application should include a 3-5 page description of the research project, proposed stay in Hong Kong, an up-to-date curriculum vitae, and information on collaborators in Hong Kong, if any.  


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