The LEWI International Conference Dec 14-15, 2015

14 December 2015 (Monday)


Registration opens
(DLB 702, Level 7, David C. Lam Building, Shaw Campus, HKBU)


Opening Remarks
Prof. Si-ming Li, Director of LEWI, Hong Kong Baptist University


Keynote Speech
John Logan
Go West: The Chinese Case from a U.S. Perspective


Coffee Break

Session 1 - Urban Strategies and Development

Shenjing He, Yong Zhang,
Lingyue Li, Jun Wang

A Small Entrepreneurial City in Action: Jiyuan’s Evolving Strategies for Urban Competitiveness

Junxi Qian
Urbanisation at the Borderland: Cross-border Mobility and Re-territorialised Urban Strategies in Ruili, Yunnan

Xun Li, Tingting Chen
Effects of Tourism on the Development of Tibet County in China



Session 2 - Migration and Local Development

Huimin Du
Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Social Background and Educated Young People’s Migration

Limei Li
Tibetan Urbanism with Chinese Characteristics: The Returnees of Tibetan Students from Inland China and the Making of Urban Tibet

Pu Hao
Migration Destinations in the Urban Hierarchy: Evidence from Jiangsu


Coffee Break

Session 3 - Housing Dynamics

Jing Song, Huimin Du, Si-ming Li
Who is the Winner: Differentiation within Relocated Communities in Urbanizing Northwestern China

Xing Su, Zhu Qian, Shuping Zhang
Exploring the Housing Filtering Process in a Housing Boom and Bust Cycle: the Case of Ordos City, China

Yan Wang
Implementation of Social Housing Policy in Western China, using Yinchuan as Case Study City