• The applicant must have the approval of his/her supervisor and home institution to accept the scholarship.
  • Furthermore, he/she should have secured confirmation from a faculty from the host institution with relevant expertise as field supervisor/co-supervisor to supervise his/her research.
  • Once enrolled in the host institution, the participating student will be subject to rules and regulations as well as rights and privileges enjoyed by regular students of the host university.
  • RGS recipients are resident graduate students at HKBU. They are expected to stay within Hong Kong throughout the entire period of their scholarship.
  • Study leave outside of Hong Kong may be granted for academic purposes.
    The total number of days of study leave taken is limited to 14 days. Any requests of leave must be approved by the LEWI directors.
  • In case of leave exceeding 14 days (if approved by the directors), a deduction in studentship will be applied.
  • The RGS award is conditional on the recipient undertaking research activities during the approved period. Unauthorized leave may result in cessation of studentship.
  • At the end of their study, RGS recipients are required to:
    Present their research findings at the RGS seminar;
    Submit an essay (6,000 – 8,000 words in English/12,000 – 15,000 words in Chinese) based on their thesis for publication in the LEWI Working Paper Series. The essay has to be reviewed and approved by the field supervisors before submission. RGS recipients are required to submit the essay before leaving the Institute.
  • RGS recipients are required to submit a soft copy and a hard copy of their thesis to LEWI upon completion of their graduate degree programme. Acknowledgement of LEWI’s support should be included in the thesis.