Major projects under planning by LEWI working groups:

  • Urbanization and Mobility Working Group

    Professor Si-ming Li, Director of LEWI, is convenor of the working group. Professor Li has established a distinguished reputation in the area of China urban housing research, with regular publication in top-quality international journals in urban studies and the housing field. His current research focuses on housing and residential change in urban China. Below are sub-themes identified for the Urbanization and Mobility Working Group:

    Race and the cultural politics of belonging: African diaspora communities in Guangzhou
    Spatial evolution of urban villages in Shenzhen
    Land and housing policies in post-handover Hong Kong
    Residential inequalities in urban China under spatial restructuring

  • Cross-Cultural Studies Working Group

    Professor Cindy Chu is convenor of the Cross-Cultural Studies Working Group. Professor Chu is an eminent scholar on the Maryknoll Sisters in the United States and in Hong Kong and on other research topics related to the Roman Catholic Church, as well as on the study of current issues in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Moreover, Professor Chu used to be associated with the East-West Center at Hawaii, the most renowned institute of its kind in the world. Sub-themes under the Cross-Cultural Studies Working Group are:

    The Catholic church in China, 1978 to the present
    The Glocalization of the Catholic Church in the context of higher education in China
    The annotation question of the Chinese Protestant Bible, 1877-1917
    National history inside out: The importance of China and Vietnam for the radicalization of Sweden

  • Environment, Health and Sustainability Working Group

    Professor Kara Chan, Associate Director of LEWI, who has conducted research on green movements in the past and who is widely connected in Europe and North America, heads the Environment, Health and Sustainability Working Group. Professor Chan has strong interests in environmental discourses and the environmental implications of consumerism and advertising. Below are sub-themes identified for this working group:

    Social inclusion and health conditions among mental health services users in Hong Kong
    Predicting healthy eating behavior among adolescents using the theory of planned behavior
    Live to contend: The emergence and development of the health rights defence movement in contemporary China
    Perceptions and acceptability of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among Hong Kong women and mothers
    Burnouts among communication professionals in Hong Kong and Austria
    Perception of acupuncture among users and non-users
    Perception of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong
    Reporting of acupuncture in Hong Kong newspapers