Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series (Previously known as Occasional Paper Series)

The LEWI Working Paper Series is an endeavour of LEWI to foster dialogues among institutions and scholars in the field of East-West studies.

LEWI’s Working Paper Series serves as a forum for the speedy and informal exchange of ideas as scholars and academic institutions attempt to grapple with issues of an inter-cultural and global nature.

Circulation of this series is free of charge. Feedback should be addressed directly to authors. Abstracts and full text of papers (please click for full text) can be downloaded from the LEWI web page.

Manuscript Submission

Scholars in East-West studies at member universities who are interested in submitting a paper for publication should send article manuscript, preferably in a WORD file via e-mail, as well as submission form to the Series Secretary at the address below. Preferred type is Times New Romans, not less than 11 point. The Editorial Committee will review all submissions and the Institute reserves the right not to publish particular manuscripts submitted. Authors should hear from the Series Secretary about the review normally within one month after submission. Copyrights: Unless otherwise stated, copyright remains with the author.


OWEN R Bernhart 

Editorial Advisory Board

► Martha CHEUNG
► Eva MAN
► Terry YIP CHEN Ling
► Vivienne LUK
► WONG Man Kong


The David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies (LEWI), and its officers, representatives, and staff, expressly disclaim any and all responsibility and liability for the opinions expressed, or for any error or omission present, in any of the papers within the Working Paper Series. All opinions, errors, omissions and such are solely the responsibility of the author. Author must conform to international standards concerning the use of non-published and published materials, citations, and bibliography and is solely responsible for any such errors.


An acknowledgement should be included in the author’s final published version (in a journal, book or other forms) of the working paper. The acknowledgement may read like this: “An earlier version of this article was first published in [year] in the Working Paper Series, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University.”


Latest Publications

► [131] Lan-Hung Nora CHIANG (National Taiwan University), and Chia-Yuan Huang (University College London), Cultural Adaptation of Taiwanese Female Marriage Migrants in Hong Kong 快樂的異鄉人--在香港的臺灣已婚婦女之生活適應, English/40 pages, April 2018.

► [130] Hei Ting WONG (University of Pittsburgh), Looking Through Headliner – Can RTHK Become “Hong Kong’s BBC”?, English/27 pages, April 2017.

► [129] Lan-Hung Nora CHIANG (National Taiwan University), Zee Ken Christopher Wong (National Taiwan University) and Chia-Yuan Huang (University College London), Recent (Young) Taiwanese Movers to Hong Kong:Challenges and Opportunities in a Global City, English/33 pages, May 2015.

► [128] Lan-Hung Nora CHIANG (National Taiwan University), Mobile Young Global Talents: A Pilot Study of Taiwanese in Singapore and Hong Kong SAR, English/37 pages, November 2014.

► [127] Si-ming LI (Hong Kong Baptist University), Burst of Property Bubble and Hong Kong’s Changing Land and Housing Policies Post-1997: Political-Economic Implications, English/25 pages, July 2014.

Others Publications

► [126] Sandra DIEHL, Barbara MUELLER, and Ralf TERLUTTER (Alpen-Adria Universitaet Klagenfurt), The Usefulness of GLOBE Dimensions in Analyzing Consumer Perceptions of Advertising: Results from Multinational Studies,English/28 pages, June 2014.

► [125] Han CHONG (University of Western Sydney), Understanding language and (dis)belongingness in present-day Sydney and Los Angeles using Weibo – a preliminary proposal, English/11 pages, June 2014.

► [124] Han CHONG (University of Western Sydney), Struggles for social belonging on weibo:Chinese overseas students’ accounts of their experiences in Australia, English/27 pages, June 2014.

► [123] 陳德寧 (廣東商學院), 鄭天祥 (中山大學), 梁倩婷 (廣東商學院), 回歸十五周年:香港核心價值觀思考,共 17 頁 , 2013年9月。

► [122] Allison HUI, Shanshan LAN, and Adrian J BAILEY (David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University), Transbordering and Diverse Hong Kong Mobilities, English/24 pages, July 2013.

► [121] Kearrin SIMS (University of Western Sydney, Australia), Raising Homes for a Rising Asia: Development-induced-displacement and Regionalism in Laos., English/24 pages, June 2013.

► [120] Kara CHAN (Hong Kong Baptist University), Russell B. WILLIAMS (Higher Colleges of Technology), Adolescent girls’ perception of gender roles and gender identities: A qualitative study, English/27 pages, June 2012.

► [119] CHEN Wei (Wuhan University), The Image of China in Hong Kong Media: Content Analysis of the Coverage in Hong Kong Newspapers, English/19 pages, April 2012.

► [118] Nicolas DOUAY (Université Paris-Diderot), PLANNING 2.0, from Protest to Participation, East-West Perspectives, English/16 pages, Feburary 2012.

► [117] 李思名 (香港浸會大學 ), 王珺 (香港浸會大學), 中國的崛起與城市與經濟空間在全球範圍的重構,共 21 頁 , 2011年11月。

► [116] Stefanie SCHERR (Swinburne University of Technology/Melbourne), Waiting at the Gates of Hong Kong: Russian Refugees in Hong Kong during the 1950s and 1960s, English/30 Pages, October 2011.

► [115] CHEN Ling (Hong Kong Baptist University), Guangchao FENG (Hong Kong Baptist University), Vivienne Shuet Yan LEUNG (Hong Kong Baptist University), Information Sources, Perceptions, and Attitudes as Predictor and Mediator of Behavioral Inclination: A Study of School Students Social Learning about Persons with a Disability, English/22 Pages, September 2011.

► [114] CHEN Yanrong (Lanzhou University), The Encounters of Chinese Women with China Inland Mission’s English Female Missionaries: Reconstruction of the conversion journey of Chinese women based on the record from missionary, English/30 Pages, August 2011.

► [113] Huimin DU (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Si-ming LI (Hong Kong Baptist University), Is It Really Just a Rational Choice? The Contribution of Emotional Attachment to Temporary Migrants' Intention to Stay in the Host City in Guangzhou, English/16 Pages, July 2011.

► [112] Daud HASSAN (University of Western Sydney), Land Based Sources of Marine Pollution Control in Japan: A Legal Analysis, English/18 Pages, June 2011.

► [111] Daud HASSAN (University of Western Sydney), Land Based Sources of Marine Pollution Control in the South China Sea: A Regional Overview, English/28 Pages, May 2011.

► [110] HOU Quan (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Si-ming LI (Hong Kong Baptist University), Transport Infrastructure Development and Changing Spatial Accessibility in the Great Pearl River Delta, China, 1990-2020, English/26 pages, April 2011.

► [109] TSOI Sze Pang, Pablo (Hong Kong Baptist University), Paralysis and Paranoia: Comparing Lu Xun and Joyce: Two Contrasted Modes of Modernism, English/28 pages, March 2011.

► [108] Cindy Yik-yi CHU (Hong Kong Baptist University), Hong Kong, the United States, and Business Concerns, English/23 pages, February 2011.

► [107] Si-ming LI (Hong Kong Baptist University), Housing Inequalities under Market Deepening: The Case of Guangzhou, China, English/22 pages, January 2011.

► [106] Pipsa PURHONEN (University of Jyväskylä), Collaborative Interaction in the Internationalization of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises, English/22 pages, December 2010.

► [105] Gary BETTINSON (Lancaster University), Wong Kar-wai and the Aesthetics, English/20 pages, November 2010.

► [104] 張耀宗 (清華大學),走出文學史的視野:朱祖謀《詞莂》的歷史語境與晚清詞學,共18頁,2010年10月。
ZHANG Yaozong (Tsinghua University), A Study on the Historical Context of Zhu Zumou's Ci Bie and Ci poety in late Qing period, Chinese/18 pages, October 2010.

► [103] Hilary HE Hongjin (University of Western Sydney), "One Movie, Two Versions": Hong Kong Cinema in the Mainland, English/35 pages, September 2010.

► [102] DU Juan (Hong Kong Baptist University), An Empirical Study of Acculturation of Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong, English/18 pages, August 2010.

► [101] ZHANG Xiaoyin (Xiamen University), Integration of Science and Coastal Management: A Case Study of Hong Kong, English/17 pages, July 2010.

► [100] TSOI Ah Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University), The Vision of Hong Xiuquan, English/ pages, June 2010.


► [99] LI Yangfan (Nanjing University), Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) in Hong Kong: Preliminary Survey and Implications for Mainland China, English/18 pages, May 2010.

► [98] 彭侃(清華大學),關於當代中國獨立電影的話語分析 — 一個初步的東西比較,共27頁,2010年4月。
PENG Kan (Tsinghua University), Discourse Analysis on Comtemporary Chinese Independent Film: A Preliminary East-West Comparison, Chinese/27 pages, April 2010.

► [97] 段園園 (蘭州大學),7-11 世紀景教在陸上絲綢之路的傳播,共33頁,2010年3月。
DUAN Yuanyuan (Lanzhou University), The spread of Nestorianism along the Silk Road from 7th to 11th Century, Chinese/33 pages, March 2010.

► [96] Poshek FU (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Popular History: Filming Opium War in Occupied Shanghai, English/19 pages, February 2010.

► [95] Steve GUO (Hong Kong Baptist University), HUANG Yu (Hong Kong Baptist University), TO Yiu Ming (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Fanny CHAN (Hong Kong Baptist University), Credibility, News Sources and Relationship: The Case of Hong Kong Audience, English/21 Pages, January 2010.

► [94] Kwai-cheung LO (Hong Kong Baptist University), Reconfiguring Chinese Diaspora through the Eyes of Ethnic Minorities: Tibetan Films by Exiles and Residents in People’s Republic of China, English/28 pages, December 2009.

► [93] K. L. Alex LAU (Hong Kong Baptist University), Immigration and Nationality Anomalies of Hong Kong, English/16 pages, November 2009.

► [92] 郭悅 (吉林大學),本地人與外地移民在工資、可行能力及倫理態度上的差異—以中國大陸的兩個城市為例,共32頁,2009年10月。
GUO Yue (Jilin Univerisity), Migrant-Native Wage, Capabilities and Ethical Attitudes Differentials in Two Cities of Mainland China, Chinese/32 pages, October 2009.

► [91] David S. GUTTORMSEN (University of Leeds), Institutions of Scandinavian Expatriatism in Hong Kong: A Dynamic Perspective on Interaction and Adjustment, English/48 pages, September 2009.

► [90] Linjuan Rita MEN (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Chun-ju Flora HUNG (Hong Kong Baptist University), Exploring the Value of Organization-public Relationships in Strategic Management: From a Resource-based View, English/34 pages, August 2009.

► [89] David Cheunyan LAI (University of Victoria), Chinatowns: From Slums to Tourist Destinations, English/ 21 pages, July 2009.

► [88] 夏倩芳 (武漢大學) ,尹瑛 (武漢大學),大陸媒體績效考核制度下新聞專業主義的實踐邏輯:國家 -- 市場之外的視角,共36頁,2009年6月。
Xia Qianfang (Wuhan University) and Yin Ying (Wuhan University), The Logic of Discursive Professionalism in the Performance Review of Chinese Media Practitioners: Perspectives beyond the State and Market, Chinese/ 36 pages, June 2009.

► [87] LIU Yigong (Lanzhou University), Chinese Legal Tradition and its Modernization, English/13 pages, May 2009.

► [86] CHEN Ling (Hong Kong Baptist University), Cultural Identity as a Production in Process: Dialectics in Hongkongers' Account, English/26 pages, April 2009.

► [85] Hao-Chieh CHANG (Hong Kong Baptist University), Commitment for Life and Beyond: Persuasive Discourses Employed in a Body Donation Campaign in Taiwan, English/25 pages, March 2009.

► [84] 譚小琴 (清華大學),清華大學、香港浸會大學、牛津大學的技術轉移模式比較研究,共38頁,2009年2月。
TAN Xiaoqin (Tsinghua University), A Comparative Study of the Technology Transfer Models in Tsinghua University, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Oxford University, Chinese/38 pages, February 2009.

► [83] Emilie Yueh-yu YEH (Hong Kong Baptist University), Cross-cultural Analysis: Wenyi (文藝) and Melodrama, English/19 pages, January 2009.

► [82] 郭中實 (香港浸會大學),黃煜 (香港浸會大學),杜耀明 (香港浸會大學),陳芳怡 (香港浸會大學),「香港新聞媒介表現」研究,共15頁,2008年12月。
Steve GUO (Hong Kong Baptist University), HUANG Yu (Hong Kong Baptist University), TO Yiu Ming (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Fanny CHAN (Hong Kong Baptist University), Hong Kong News Media Performance Study, Chinese/15 pages, December 2008.

► [81] David Francis URROWS (Hong Kong Baptist University), The Pipe Organ and the Jesuits in China: A Brief Survey, English/22 pages, November 2008.

► [80] CHEN Yi-Ru Regina (Hong Kong Baptist University), MNC-Government Relations and Corporate Political Strategies of MNCs in China’s Era of Marketization, English/27 pages, October 2008.

► [79] 陳秀鶯 (華南理工大學),高新技術中小企業關係質量的因困關係研究,共34頁,2008年9月。
CHEN Xiuying (South China University of Technology), A Study on High-tech SMEs Relationship Marketing Research in China, Chinese/34 pages, September 2008.

► [78] LAU Patrick W. C. (Hong Kong Baptist University), National Identity and the Beijing Olympics: School Children’s Responses in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, English/19 pages, August 2008.

► [77] HO Wai Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University), A Review of Moral Education in China's Music Education, English/16 pages, July 2008.


► [76] Cynthia F. K. LEE (Hong Kong Baptist University), Some Insights on Essential Elements and Barriers of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Research in Higher Education, English/12 pages, June 2008.

► [75] Flora C. J. HUNG (Hong Kong Baptist University), Cultural Influence on the Relationship Cultivation Strategies in the Chinese Society, English/30 pages, May 2008.

► [74] Emilie Yueh-yu YEH (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Neda Hei-tung Ng (Hong Kong Baptist University), Magic, Medicine, Cannibalism: the China Demon in Hong Kong Horror, English/22 pages, April 2008.

► [73] 汪暉 (清華大學),去政治化的政治與中國的短二十世紀的終結,共51頁,2008年3月。
WANG Hui (Tsinghua University), The Politics of Depoliticizing Politics and the End of China’s 20th Century, Chinese/36 pages, March 2008.

► [72] 沈本秋 (復旦大學),香港的國際政治經濟「二元特徵」與美國的香港政策,共36頁,2008年2月。
SHEN Benqiu (Fudan University), The Dualistic Structure of Hong Kong’s Political Economy and U.S. – Hong Kong Policy, Chinese/36 pages, February 2008.

► [71] 梁婷婷 (四川大學),「被全球化」的城市 —— 1990年代末以來 成都市城市形象廣告片的社會背景與自我表徵,共18頁,2008年1月。
LIANG Tingting (Sichuan University), The Globalised City: Social Background and Self-Representation of City Promotional Videos of Chengdu – 1999 to 2006, Chinese/18 pages, January 2008.

► [70] 龍明慧 (中山大學),原型理論下的中西翻譯認知,共15頁,2007年12月。
LONG Minghui (Sun Yat-sen University), Prototype-Based Analysis of Chinese and Western Conception of Translation, Chinese/15 pages, December 2007.

► [69] Emilie Yueh-yu YEH (Hong Kong Baptist University) and WANG Hu (Phoenix Television), Transcultural Sounds: Music, Identity and the Cinema of Wong Kar-wai, English/16 pages, November 2007.

► [68] YAN Feng (Fudan University), Metamorphosis and Mediality: An Interart Aproach to the Reception of Stephen Chow’s A Chinese Odyssey in Mainland China, English/14 pages, October 2007.

► [67] CHEN Xiangyang (New York University), Technologizing the Vernacular: Cantonese Opera Films through The Legend of Purple Hairpin, English/32 pages, September 2007.

► [66] Yiu Fai CHOW (University of Amsterdam), Fear or Fearless: Martial Arts Films and Dutch-Chinese Masculinities, English/34 pages, August 2007.

► [65] 葉智仁 (西門菲沙大學), 全球消費主義與倫理營銷:耶、儒思想的初步回應,共20頁,2007年7月。
Toby YIP (Simon Fraser University), Global Consumerism and Ethical Marketing: Initial Responses from Christianity and Confucianism, Chinese/20 pages, July 2007.

► [64] 許維賢 (北京大學), 黑騎士的戀物/(歷史)唯物癖:董啟章論,共43頁,2007年6月。
HEE Wai Siam (Peking University), Fetishism or (Historical) Materialism of Black Rider: Critical Perspective on the Works of Dung Kai-cheung, Chinese/43 pages, June 2007.

► [63] Stephen Yiu-wai CHU (Hong Kong Baptist University), Before and After the Fall: Mapping Hong Kong Cantopop in the Global Era, English/21 pages, May 2007.

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► [60] Peter NEWELL (Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children), The Immediate Human Rights Imperative to Prohibit All Corporal Punishment of Children, English/16 pages, February 2007.

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Zhang Meilan (Tsinghua University), A Study on Calvin Wilson Mateer’s A Course of Mandarin Lessons: Contributions of American Missionaries to the Study of Mandarin Chinese in the Late 19th Century, Chinese/47 pages, August 2006.

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HE Ping (Sichuan University) and CHAN Kwok-bun (Hong Kong Baptist University), Hybridity: Concepts and Realities in China and the World, Chinese/25 pages, December 2005.

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► [40] 陳國賁 (香港浸會大學),黎熙元 (廣州中山大學),陸何慧薇 (香港浸會大學),中國 “ 三資 ” 企業中的文化衝突與文化創新,共 19 頁,2005年7月。
CHAN Kwok-bun (Hong Kong Baptist University), LI Xiyuan (Sun Yat-sen University) and Vivienne LUK (Hong Kong Baptist University),
The Cultural Conflicts and Cultural Innovation of Sino-foreign Joint Ventures in China, Chinese/19 pages, July 2005.

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