LEWI Research


As an emerging super power, China occupies a key position on the global stage economically, politically, and environmentally. This working group, led by Acting Director Kevin Lo, examines China's evolving role on the global stage. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by engaging in relevant research, facilitating knowledge transfer, and providing consultancy services.



  • Belt and Road Initiative
  • Global politics and governance
  • Foreign investment
  • Technology transfer
  • Climate change and sustainability


  • Dr LO, Tek Sheng Kevin, Hong Kong Baptist University




  • Professor Vanesa CASTAN BROTO, University of Sheffield
  • Professor GAO Xiang, Lanzhou University
  • Dr HAN Xiao, Hohai University
  • Dr LI He, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Dr Kevin LO Tek-sheng, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Dr Sarah ROGERS, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Mark WANG, University of Melbourne
  • Professor ZHANG Pingyu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences