LEWI Research


Dr LI Jianfeng is convenor of the Environment, Health and Sustainability Working Group. He works in the areas of hydroclimatology with focuses on climate change impacts on water resources, water hazards, heat waves, and sustainability at regional and global scales. His studies have been published in top-tier journals, including Nature Climate Change, Journal of Hydrometeorology, Journal of Hydrology, Journal of Climate, and Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.


  • Global and local environmental governance
  • Just transition
  • Eco-urbanism
  • Environmental health
  • Climate change and sustainability


  • Dr LI Jianfeng, Hong Kong Baptist University




  • Professor Vanesa CASTAN BROTO, University of Sheffield
  • Professor GAO Xiang, Lanzhou University
  • Dr HAN Xiao, Hohai University
  • Dr LI He, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Dr Kevin LO Tek-sheng, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Dr Sarah ROGERS, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Mark WANG, University of Melbourne
  • Professor ZHANG Pingyu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
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